Sunday, November 20

It's Christmas Time!

And check out these fancy new coasters I got from Greece. Should be coming in the mail just in time for a Christmas present to myself.

Monday, September 26

Cable Scarf?!

So I do believe that I have officially lost my mind.  While we were at the market the other day, a girl was admiring my giant coral scarf.

But she said the colour was a little to intense for her. I totally get it. It is a gorgeous colour, but there is a lot of it. She said if I had one in a neutral or something, she would have bought it.

So... I'm making one in neutral. Cream to be exact. I've barely finished two cables and I am already asking:

"what have a done to myself?!"

Fieldstone Vintage Market: Success

Yesterday was the first (hopefully annual!) Fieldstone Vintage Market and it was a huge success.  I don't know what I expected, but whatever it was, the real thing surpassed it by miles.

The day started out a little rocky.  First off I had to wake up at 6:45... am!  The last time I was awake at that hour I hadn't slept the night before.   It was pretty overcast and really foggy and when we got to the venue our table was covered in water from the dew.  Once we got it all dried up (using a pair of gloves that I brought and a duster we found in my mom's car) we realized we had forgotten our tablecloth.  My fault. I'll admit it.  The night before, after I had ironed them, I put them on the kitchen counter.  Katie said we should pack them up in the car with everything else so we wouldn't forget them, but I said "No, they will just get all wrinkley again.  And there's no way we would forget them!"  Errrmmmm....

So while Katie drove back home, I started to set up some of the smaller items.  When she got there almost everything I could do was done, and it took us about 10 minutes to set the rest of it up.  So really, no big deal! (And Katie was able to pick up the pair of pants she had actually wanted to wear that day, so it really turned out better!)

- - - Insert much needed first Starbucks coffees of the day - - -

My little crow friend (Halloween decoration) I found at the dollar store while we were shopping for some last minute stuff

Let me tell you a little bit about our booth.

We had signed up for a 6 foot table space, since the other option was a 10x10x10 booth that we certainly wouldn't need.  Now I thought this would mean table-table-table-table-table all crammed together but we actually had lots of space.  We were under a big tent with four other vendors all in a circle with space behind us, and space on either side so we could sprawl out our stuff and walk around to the front and talk to people and it was just so spacious and lovely.  It was in a nice little park area with super soft grass (I ended up barefoot for about half the day) It was absolutely beautiful.  And by 9, when the market actually opened, the clouds and fog were gone and it was a sunny and gorgeous day!

Our booth!  All ready to go.

Our first sale was my absolute favorite.  There was a lady who was asking lots of questions about where we learned to knit (my grandma taught me, I taught Katie) and where we get our wool (grandma's old stash, thrift stores, some new).  We talked about what she liked and why and she gave us so much information.  She ended up buying Katie's fuzzy green scarf and we let her know that she was our very first sale at our very first market.  Just an awesome lady.  But then she got more awesome.  A long time later (I'd say about 5 or 6 hours) she shows up again.  She came up and said she had bought some wool from the thrift store for her daughter to use but she didn't like the colours of it.  She wanted to support some new talent and she gave it to us!  She gave us two whole bags of wonderful colourful yarn!  I couldn't believe it.  I was almost in tears, that was one of the nicest things that's ever happened to me.  She went out of her way to come back to the market to give us this stuff, for no real reason what so ever.  I didn't even get her name.  So if you are reading this first-sale lady, thank you again!

After the first sale, it just kept coming.  The morning was so busy.  We were talking and modeling the different ways to wear things and there were just people everywhere!  By about 1 o'clock it had died down a bit so we had some lunch and I ran across the street to the Starbucks for some more coffee.

(I actually talked to one of my managers while I was there who said it was like Chrismas busy all day.  Non-stop his entire shift.  Since the eco-dairy the market was at didn't have a ton of parking, people were told to park in the lot across the street which just so happened to be where the Starbucks was...  Glad I wasn't working there that day!)

I also took a little time to wander around the rest of the market.  Everyone's displays were so nice, and there were a ton of things I wanted to buy, but I was good and didn't get anything!

By about 3 we were done.  Me and Katie were absolutely exhausted.  We had been working until about 11:30 the night before to make sure everything was ready, I didn't end up falling asleep until about one and then I woke up at four... and five.... and six.

When 6 o'clock finally hit, we were ready to pack it in.  Slowly but surely since about 2 o'clock, clouds started to roll in and the wind picked up a bit and as were driving back home it finally started to rain.

Megan and Katie at Fieldstone Vintage Market.
We were not smart.  This was the very end of the day.  Exhausted.  We realized later we should have taken this picture at the beginning of the day when we were all cute and junk.

I am still tired, I still have things to unpack and organize but I would definitely do it again.

And we are!  We found out a few days ago we got accepted to the GotCraft Christmas Market.  Good thing it's in December, I'm not ready yet.  sleeeeeeep.

Wednesday, September 21

Fieldstone Market Countdown

Fieldstone Vintage Market is only 2 days away!  Me and Katie have been busy busy busy trying to prepare everything and, let's hope, it all runs as smooth as we plan!

Make sure if you are in the Lower Mainland area to come and check it out!  (Even if you're in Northern Washington, it is literally right across the border)

What to bring: 

Cash - most vendors are cash only
Comfortable Shoes
A Truck (if you're looking for furniture)
Friends (because they make everything better)

Directions and Parking

The Bakerview EcoDairy is conveniently located just off the #1 Highway, if you aren’t familiar with the area, click here for directions. There will be plenty of parking for Fieldstone guests on the Ecodairy property as well as across Sumas Way. Parking attendants will be around to help you find the best parking spot possible. If the lot happens to be full, please use the cross walk if you choose to park across the street.

What to Do

Besides all of the lovely vintage and handmade vendors there will be....

- Hanna Williamson, fiddler
- Old Mare, local folk band
- Anna Vandas, local song artist
- Pony rides
- Old fashioned games
- Children's activities
- Petting zoo
- Guided dairy tours
- Lemonade stand
- Portrait artist
- Bbq and picnic lunches available for purchase
- Plenty of food for sampling 

Rain or Shine

I know the weather has taken a slight turn from our unseasonable warm September, but this will be happening rain or shine. All of the booths are under tents, but it is in the middle of a field, so ditch your pumps and throw on some cute gumboots instead.
I am so excited about this event so I hope to see everyone there!