Monday, December 13

So I just finished one of my Christmas presents! (Don't ask about any other ones.. I have actually only gotten something for one person so far... but at lease I have an idea or two for other people now, not like earlier today)

These are two cowls that I made for my grandma that I have to get sent up to Peachland tomorrow.  Hopefully they make it there in time!  Canada Post though, not likely.  Oh well, still hope.  One is for her, one is for her friend that she is "buying" from me.  Hah! I say to that.  I refuse to accept money from her, she even tried to pay for the one that is for her but I said, "Grandma, How can this be a Christmas present if you pay for it?!"

I don't really know which one is for her and which is for her friend, I'm just going to tell her to pick the one she likes best and keep that one.  I really, really, like the brown one though. A little bit different from what I've been doing lately too.  Looser, for one, and no buttons or anything, just a circle.  Hmmm... Maybe I'll make one for myself when I come home from the post office....

Merry Christmas Grandma!

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