Friday, July 8

When me and my brother Chris left for Sasquatch, our apartment was not the cleanest of places. There was just lots of stuff everywhere that never really made it into the car.

When we got back from Sasquatch, we were so exhausted we just kind of piled everything into the living room and left it.

A few days after Sasquatch me and my boyfriend went camping and when I got home, I kind of just added to the pile. Which spread, quickly, to my room, the dining area, the kitchen, just everywhere.

Everything became such a mess so fast that every time I would think about cleaning up I would get so overwhelmed and not know where to start, so I just wouldn’t. As time went on and no magic cleaning fairy came I could just feel myself getting stressed out and cranky because of it.

And so finally tonight, I feel like I made some progress. My room looks fanstastic! Except for the carpet, but it’s late and I don’t want to wake up the neighbours with the vacuum. But other than that, it’s all shiny and organized and even all my clothes are put away (a REAL accomplishment for me)

I feel like I can finally just breath now. And start working on some Etsy photos that really need to get done.

Hopefully this will also be the kick in the ass that I need to get everything else clean too. But no thinking about that right now, my bedroom door is closed so I don’t have to look at it and I can just sit in my nice clean room on my (made!) bed and relax.

Possible pictures to follow tomorrow. I’m pretty frickin proud of it.

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