Friday, August 12

Another thrift store day!

I didn't go too too crazy today (which is a good thing) but I did find a few neat things

1. A grey knit sweater.  The other day I was at my house knitting and I really wanted something to wear that was soft and over sized and cozy.  To my dismay, I just did a Spring Cleaning and got rid of a ton of my clothes, and I couldn't find anything suitable.  I was originally (and still am) looking for a big white men's Aran cable knit sweater, but this is just as good for now.

2. Technically, two separate purchases.  My friend Randonna found these big wooden multicolored beads and convinced me I absolutely needed them even though I have a giant button collection already.  But she said I could use them on my scarves as toggle-like buttons she was right, and they were half off.  So after I decided to get them, I decided I needed something to put them in so I got an old jar.  You can't really see it in the picture but on the glass is some plants and some bees or something, I think it originally had some honey in it.

3. Another Randonna find.  Awesome shoes.  Enough said.

4. Yarn.  Of course.

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