Sunday, August 7


I edited a bunch of photos from the shoot me and Katie did last weekend and updated all the listings that were already on Etsy, as well as added a bunch more.  I also had to change the banner because the old one really didn't go with the new look.  It was nice, it had some fall leaves and some vintages suitcases and some scarves on it but now it's time to keep things simple.

I spent about five hours today alone on Etsy, and I'm almost at 100 item views just for today.  That is completely smashing my previous record of a measly 19.  After working so hard I decided it was too nice to stay inside all day so I just got back from the park, that was nice.

So yeah... take a look at all the neat things I've been up to!

new banner

Be sure to head straight to the shop to check out all the new listings, and I will be adding lots more over the next few days as well, so be sure to bookmark it and come back later, too!

Update: The Etsy day ended with 102 listing views, 56 shop views, and 14 favorites. Awesome.

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