Thursday, August 18

Today was finish project day.  Hooray... 

I usually despise the day that I make myself finish all the projects I start, all the little nit picky things that I have to do to stuff just makes me angry.  But today was actually pretty fun.  Maybe because instead of having to sew on buttons and thread in loose ends I got to glue stuff and sew. 

I started by gluing pin-backs to my knit and crochet bows... Upon drying I realized that it wasn't going to hold so I sewed them on as well. 

I decided earlier this week to make these button hair things, and again I got to use my glue and stick stuff to other stuff.  Woo Hoo!  

Half way through though I realized I was gluing them on the wrong way so I had to take them all off.  The pins were wrecked but the buttons were fine so I took a little break and went for a bike ride to the store to get more pins.  I re-did them and they are now fantastic. 

Sad Update: I think the already re-done once button pins, may need to be re-done again.  I tried some on (the ones that were going to become mine) and the buttons fell off pretty much right away.  So either I used the wrong type of glue, or I just didn't wait long enough for them to dry...  I guess I will find out tomorrow.  I really really hope I don't have to re-re-do them.

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