Wednesday, September 14

See You in a Week

On Facebook I noticed a few of my friends playing the Sims Social, being a huge fan of the Sims I decided to try it out.  It was ok, basically just another facebook app where you can play for free but to get all the really cool stuff you have to pay real money.

I decided after a little while to just stop and play the real sims.

Until I realized that my copy of the Sims 3 is on my other laptop.  My more or less broken laptop.  Booo...  Either way I am determined to play so I google searched the Sims just for fun and... there's a new one!

What the shit?!  This looks awesome.  I've spent the last half hour reading and checking out screen shots and it looks so cool.  As we speak I am obtaining this game.. legitimately... legally.

I'll tell you how it is when I come out of my room in three or four days. 

I'm a huge geek... 

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