Thursday, September 1

So I woke up this morning and saw... clouds!  It's been pretty awesome and warm and sunny here the past couple of weeks but I'm kind of digging this fall-like weather.  It makes me feel less guilty about spending all day inside.

I've also decided to change my apartment around a little bit and switch my "sewing corner" into a "computer corner".  I find that I am much more productive at a desk instead of sitting on my couch, and I can't afford to go to the coffee shop anymore (especially when I get free coffee from work) so this is what happened.

It's a nice little work space I think.  Hopefully it will help me to be more productive, although it hasn't so far.  Instead of editing photos like I was supposed to be doing, I did this.  Ermm... Productive from now on!


Vintage 1960 Pottery Lamp {Barking Sands Vintage} Peacock Coffee Mug {Swirly Garden} "Jar of Buttons"  8x10 print {Altered Muse}

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