Sunday, September 11

How to Make a Headband... or 3

So I've become a little obsessed with finding the perfect headband pattern. I've seen all of these ridiculously awesome ones everywhere and I've just been trying to figure them out by myself which is... kind of working.  I guess. I have one pattern written up that is pretty ok, but too time-consuming and not perfect enough to be worth the effort.

Today I am at my mom's house (doin laundry, like a boss) at my old computer (oh how I miss my desktop computer! Labtops are great and all but not all the time) and I am determined to find one! (Or two or three or ten...)

I thought I would share some with you because they are all pretty cool.  I don't have any knitting supplies right now, silly me, or else I would be trying them out myself right now instead of posting them all here, so here's to me being unprepared!

The Knotted Headband from You Seriously Made That!?

Super cute, and can be done with any tread like substance (she used crochet strands for hers, but I also saw someone braid some yarn together instead.)

Also, go to her site and read the story of how this creation came about, it's really cute.

The 5 Strand Braided Headband from Make it and Love it and looks suuuuper easy and quick to do. 

So this isn't really a knit project at all, but it is still really neat.  And I have a stockpile of old t-shirts and jersey fabric because I hoard art supplies

Ohhh... actually I have some leather scrapes in a suitcase somewhere that would be perfect for this...

And last, but certainly not least, the one I am most excited to try, the Braided Knit Headband from Luluknits.   Just flippin rad.

Thick, chunky, warm and quick to knit.  Awesome.  Pure Awesome.

Now I just want my laundry to finish drying so I can stay up until 3 in the morning testing stuff out and making an utter disaster of my room.  Maybe I'll take pictures.

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