Sunday, September 12

Listen to: Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja

So me and the free blog site I have previously been using had a falling out today.  We have had a few altercations in the past but today was the last straw.   It seemed like we had a good thing going at first, but its "let's have a drag and drop option for EVERYTHING then have none of them working... ever" philosophy has been getting me down lately.  So I quit.  It was hard.  And now I have to start all over again and it's late at night so I don't want to put any effort into the layout because I want to go to bed and this whole fiasco took so long that now I don't even remember what I wanted to say in the first place, before I decided to make a new blog.  So I guess just, here's my new site, enjoy.  

And here's the old one just for shits and giggles., just no.  

And here's a picture of my sister from when we were at the Sunshine Coast the other weekend, because it's pretty

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