Monday, September 13

Listen to: The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl

It's amazing how much "work" I do at work.  In reality, for the past 6 months I have been sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, Monday to Friday, beading and making patterns.  I have made countless lighter cases and some necklaces and it's just awesome.  My "real job" is as a customer service rep but the work is so easy and repetitive I actually don't have to think at all when I'm talking to the people I'm supposed to be helping.

For the past however many years I have made lighter cases.  For me, for friends, but most of the time they just sit around, broken, waiting to get fixed because no matter what kind of thread I use they always seem to break within, at most, a week of being used.  I found a solution though.  It's called EasyCast.  Don't really know what it is (clear casting epoxy it says on the box) but it came with a whole big list of precautions.  Don't get in your eyes, on your skin, don't eat it, if it touches anything that can't be washed then throw that item away (really, it says that if you get any on your leather shoes, you have to throw them away.  You have to throw away your shoes!)  Dangerous, but it works.  I live on the edge for my art what can I say.

The application of this epoxy has not been perfected yet - almost - but not quite.  It's almost time for me to open my etsy shop though so I'm getting pretty stoked about that.

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