Monday, October 11

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I got my GST cheque from the gov'ment a few days ago.   One hundred and fifty dollars just because.

My sister also came over today and was showing me the scarf that she is knitting (so great!)  I started telling her how I have been looking around Etsy lately and seen some things that are kind of like that selling.  A lot. For a lot of money.

About 5 minutes after me telling her this we decided that our Etsy shop needs to open NOW and as an investment we went out and spent pretty much our entire cheques on supplies.  At ten o'clock at night.  I have so much yarn now I don't even know what to do with myself.  I'm going to have to start bringing in backpacks of the stuff to work so I can have constant projects going.

We think that in about 2 weeks or so the shop should be opening for business.  We just need to make a bit of product to start with and photograph it, and pick a name, which will probably be the hardest part, any ideas?  I'll post a little preview of what we are making right now later, as I don't have one quite finished yet.  We'll also be selling the earrings I have been making, as well as the lighter cases just as soon as I go out to Michaels and buy some mold release for the resin (and get up enough drive to actually finish them.  I am really great at getting distracted, and knitting is very distracting at the moment)  One of our friends also makes these great things out of feathers which will go on there as well.  It will be an awesome eclectic collective project.

Here's some stuff that I bought.  And some stuff that I already had.  I still don't have a place for it in the apartment, I do have a trunk lined up for it but for now it  is some sort of fantastical bedroom art.

 About half of this is new stuff

And the buttons! I almost forgot about the buttons.  All of these were bought at the thrift store (or Walmart's closing-of-the-fabric-department sale)  The jar I also got at the thrift store, and was actually more expensive then everything in it.  But look, so pretty.

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