Tuesday, September 28

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I recently started making earrings at work.  Lots and lots of earrings.  A mass amount of earring, more than I could ever possibly wear. So, we must sell.  Soon.  I started taking some pictures,  just to see how they would work out and I think in the end I wound up with some pretty good ones.  For now.

I started by trying the trusty plain-ol' white background route.  Failed miserably.  It's not just the fact that I can't do it properly with the equipment I have, the earrings that I make are much too organic.  I also took a quite look at the competition, and most every pair of bead earrings is shown on a white background and most of the time it just looks bad.  Some are done well, most are not. And after about 3 pages of postings, I got reaaaally bored and everything started looking the same.  So I started fooling around with some different backgrounds and ways of hanging them and eventually ended up with something I think is alright.  Not as clear as I would like them to be and will probably re-do them with a tripod when I actually get the site up and running, but now I have a basic idea of what I would like to do.

I also decided that I need to show then actually on somebody (which also no one really does on Etsy, not with earrings anyway) I know when I am looking through things, it has a much bigger impact on me if it's shown on a real person.  Even more so if it's someone who looks cooler than me, it makes me think "Hey, that looks so rad on her, she is so cool.  Maybe if I buy this -insert item here- I will be as cool as her."  No joke.  I know I'm a slave to good marketing.  Now I just need a model.

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