Saturday, September 18

Listen to:  Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

I went to the bead store today and spent a little bit more money than I had planned.  I actually haven't bought beads in a long time (and I doubt I really needed to buy them today, I still probably have about $300 dollars worth just sitting around, but my colors were getting boring, and I needed more black anyways) and they have certainly gone up in price! I remember when the most expensive package was maybe $3.50 and today one of them was $4.75 or something.  I think they've made the bags smaller too.  hmmmm.... oh well.  I wanted them and now I'm happy.  New beads!

I also went to my sister's place and one of her friends was selling her dress form, so I got to pick that up too.  Now my little sewing corner is complete.

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