Thursday, November 25

I've been neglectful.  This I know.  But there have been many wonderous things happening I just kind of forgot....

Most importantly, the shop is now open!  That is us.  Me and Katie.  Pip & Pin (not our nicknames, I will tell of how the name came to be at a later date.  Keep you in suspense)   We also have a facebook fan page you can like too (hint hint)

I've been knitting pretty much non-stop since the last time I posted, it really is all I do at work now.  I complete at least one thing every day.  Completing things, new concept for me.  You remember that trunk I was re-doing?  Well right now it is in the middle of my room, still has some sawdust on the outsides and everything, holding my yarn.  Not really holding, overflowing.

Speaking of which, I went to the thrift store the other day and bought three bags of this beautiful, colorful, thick wool that I had to have.  I'm pretty sure it's real wool and everything.  The only problem is, there's not really enough of any of the colors to really do anything with, so I decided I'm going to crochet up some owl fridge magnets.  Don't ask me how yet.  That is yet to be decided.

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