Thursday, December 9

So I finally had one of those "time to get things finished" days.  The amount of stuff I had laying around unfinished was reaching an unacceptable level, so I decided to sit down and sew on buttons and glue on magnets and thread in the ends of yarn and... I hated it.  I hated it a lot.  Finishing things is my absolute least favorite things about making something.  Plus, I get distracted too easily.  I'll be half way done making something when I'll take a look at my trunk of yarn and have bigger, better ideas for something new and it needs to be started now!  Ooor I'll just get bored, or indecisive about what I want to do to something next (I'm also not a very good planner)

But, a few hours and a few rum and cokes later I have most of my projects done, or at least under control.  Clean up was not fun by the way...

And today, today was room cleaning day.  I got the day off work because there was a concert in Seattle that I wanted to go to, but then decided I didn't have enough money for it, I just kept the day off anyway and was productive instead.  Yay Room Cleaning Day! Another thing I don't really like doing at all.  Although watching Boardwalk Empire and catching up on Gossip Girl helped tremendously.  I rolled up all the yarn that was becoming a giant knot in the middle of my floor, put it in a trunk and hid it in my closet, put all my laundry away (even went through my clothes and got rid of a bunch of stuff) and now all that's left is the vacuum, but it's about 2 am and I live in an apartment so that can wait until tomorrow.

My lovely closet:

See that little bitty basket there? The remainder of my incomplete projects, which includes the half finished afghan I started last year and will most likely never ever finish. I also found out that my mom has one of those mouse hand sander things, so maybe one day when the weather gets nicer again (I'd give it another 6 months or so) I can finish re-doing that trunk.

And this?  My basket of (finally) finished things.  All the lovelies that are just waiting for the rain to stop so I can take some pictures and put them in the shop.  Watch out for them coming soon to an Etsy near you!

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