Saturday, May 7

These jeans. These amazing amazing jeans. I have had them since high school and they are completely destroyed. At first the fabric started to get all nice and worn in… then holes started forming on the knees and underneath the front pockets. Great, who doesn’t love a pair of jeans like that? But then holes started showing up in the seams of the back pockets, and finally the crotch wore out as well. I tried to fix them sooo many times, by sewing them shut or patching them with fabric but then I’d wear them again and I’d hear the inevitable rrriiiippp. (Luckily I can’t remember when this happened, so it must not have been somewhere embarrassing.) So even though they became completely destroyed and unwearable, I could never, bring myself to throw them away.

Well, I finally decided on a project so I could get even more life out of these 6+ year old pair of pants.

I started to make an over the shoulder festival/camping/adventure bag. Something like this maybe?

Yeah, like that. Except the holding stuff part of the bag is the jeans, and the strap is this vintage black floral-ish fabric I found in my moms garage. I think I might try and add some fringe to it too. Fringe is great. So really, not like either of those at all, maybe just the shape (kind of…) And the fact that it will be giant to hold lots of fun things.

Either way, last night I started this project. While I was sprawled out on the living room floor cutting stuff up, my cat Boo Boo decided that this was actually the time for some pets. She was wrong. But she was very persistent.

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