Sunday, July 24

Amazing garage sale day!

Me and the boyfriend went out to a ton of different ones.  We did it old school and everything.  We found the listings in the newspaper, and then went to BCAA and got a map (using his iPhone for GPS just didn't seem right) and circled all the ones we wanted to go to.

I got a few neat things, a car window cover with some western writing ("Boomtown") and a cowboy on it from Reno, Nevada.  I'm not going to use it for my car, I'm just going to hang it up on my wall.  A lemonade jar.  A neat art deco looking jar to hold some buttons and a sewing machine

Yeah, I bought a sewing machine and it is the COOLEST thing in the world.   First off it is sea foam green and like 150 pounds.  It's a "New Home, model 443".  I did a little bit of an internet search on it but couldn't find out much... but it was made sometime in the mid-fifties to mid-sixties I think.  Apparently it works, but I haven't had time to test it out yet.

The coolest thing about it is how much I payed for it.  Apparently this guy had a whole bunch of vintage items earlier and this was the last thing left.   As he was telling us about the other stuff he sold earlier I kept looking at it and looking at it.  After awhile I asked him how much he was looking to get for it, even though I was terrified of the answer.  He told me to make him an offer.  I directly told him that I have no idea how much something like that would be worth.  Then he told me why he was getting rid of it.  He said he was doing some home renovations and he really couldn't keep it in the house anymore, he needed to get rid of it today and since it was getting kind of late (about 2 o clock in the afternoon, thats like midnight for a garage sale!) to just tell him a number.

I said 20.

He said ok.

So I got this ridiculously fantastic vintage as shit, seafoam green sewing machine for twenty dollars.  And it came with a cover.  Crazy.  Awesome. Day.

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  1. megan i think i had the exact same sewing machine when i lived in whiterock. i found it on craiglist and bought it off an older lady who had had it since it was new.