Thursday, July 21

I'm getting really excited... After working for seven straight days in a row, I'm going to be having five whole days off, over a weekend even!  So I work until the 27th and then off, off, off, off, off!

What will I be doing with all of that lovely free time?  Well, Katie has some of those days off too so she is coming down and we will be working on pictures for Pip & Pin.   You have no idea how much stuff we actually have made... I actually don't have any idea how much stuff we have made.  I know there is two giant vintage suitcases sitting in my living room crammed to the brim, plus a bunch of the more recent stuff I have been working on and whatever Katie has been up to as well.

We decided that we're going to be painting some old wood paneling that my mom has white and using that as a backdrop.  I think we're going to stick to the models-with-no-heads theme that is currently up right now, as it is sooo much easier to take pictures of yourself when you don't have to worry about making a stupid face.  Errm... we're not the greatest models...  We'll also be doing some stand alone pictures with the wooden hangers, again with the paneled backdrop.  If it turns out 3/4 as good as I have pictured in my head, I will be a happy camper.

And THEN, watch out!  Etsy listings up the ying yang!

Speaking of Etsy listings.... I was recently featured in a few treasuries so be sure to check them out!

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