Wednesday, May 4

So I signed up with this amazing site last month called Postcrossing, which has now become a huge addiction of mine. I would say I check it just about as often as facebook.

Basically what happens is you sign up to become a member and give your address. Then you click on "send postcard" and it will give you an address to some random person some random place in the world. It will also give you a "postcrossing ID" to put on the postcard that you send. Once the postcard gets received, the person will "register" your postcard using the ID and THEN (and this is where it gets fun!) your name gets put on the list to start receiving postcards from random people! So however many you send will determine how many postcards you yourself receive.

It is actually the most amazing thing in the world. So far I have had 5 cards registered (to the USA, Germany, Senegal, South Africa and Taiwan) 5 cards travelling (ones that haven't been registered yet, 5 is the limit so I can't send anymore until one or more of them gets received) and 2 have come back to me so far! (the USA and Finland)

My card from Finland. In my profile I said I like cards with doors so she found me one with THREE doors.

There's also this world map thing that shows where you have sent and received postcards from, and all these different stats and rankings.... I'm a big geek. I love stats.

Really, you should just go check it out and join up because it's flipping amazing. Look me up: meganelyse

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