Sunday, August 21

One thing I really love about living in the lower mainland at the end of summer is the berries!  Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries all for the taking. There are a lot of you-pick places so you can buy them for pretty much nothing.  

When I was little my mom bought some strawberry plants for the backyard, a few years later they had spread everywhere and for years all summer we had fresh strawberries.  Eventually she got rid of them though. Sad. 

And the blackberries!  Oh the blackberries.  Those just grow on the side of the road.  Literally.  There's also fields of them just everywhere.  Last year me, Katie and my mom went to one and got a ton of blackberries.  I didn't think to wear gloves so when we were finished it looked like I had murdered someone from all of the juice on my hands.  We froze some and made jam with the rest, it was preeeetty delicious. 

A few days ago my mom brought me a huge bag of blueberries.  Now these are actually my least favorite berry.  I just don't like eating them plain, they have a weird texture.  But throw some in some pancakes or a smoothie or some muffins?  Mmmm.... So I froze them all and will do something wonderful with them later. 

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