Saturday, August 20

So I didn't want to say anything earlier because I didn't want to jinx it but... I found out last night that Me and Katie got accepted to be vendors at the Fieldstone Vintage Market.  So super excited.

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The girls from Birch and Bird are putting it on and it's going to be at Bakerview EcoDairy, which is actually right across the street from where I work.  Last year they did something similar in an old school house but I was sadly not able to attend as I was out of the country but from people I've talked to who went, and people who were vendors, it was amazing.  Super busy all day and just a great place to be.

Before we found out we were even accepted Katie came down for the weekend for a visit and we started brainstorming for our stall, and buying some stuff including seafoam green table clothes, a three pronged towel rack for hanging stuff (it's hideous right now, but we're going to paint it) some old timey hangers, and while we were hanging out by the gravel filled outdoor pool at my apartment we found some really neat pieces of wood that we'll be using for our sign.  And I'm knitting some bunting, cause... bunting's rad.

When I got the email last night I danced around my house like a total dork.  This is our first market, and I'm really excited, and no one was home so it was ok.  The e-mail was so cute too.  This was my favorite part:

-absolute "yes" votes from around the table :)
-"knitting isn't just for grandmas anymore!" and "too cute!" were just a couple of specific comments
So, if you are in the lower mainland area, be sure to come by and visit on Sept.24 because it will be great! (I'm also positive this will not be the last reminder you get...)

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